Automate Facebook and Instagram campaigns using Adscook
3 min readMay 15, 2022

Do you want to save time when it comes to creating and running campaigns?

If you are looking for a tool that will allow you to launch, optimize, and grow your Facebook advertising in a fraction of the time, then you should try Adscook.

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Adscook is a Facebook and Instagram ad management software with customizable monitoring features that allows you to build and expand campaigns across many accounts. Create ads with a single click and begin optimizing immediately by selecting campaign goals such as boosting conversions, generating leads, or increasing engagement.

You can construct unique audience groups based on a variety of presets such as age, gender, and geography, then save them to use in future ads. You can also create new advertising from scratch in a variety of post templates on Facebook, such as carousels, links, and videos, or tweak existing posts to preserve social proof. Plus, with a single toggle switch, you’ll be able to enable testing and generate ads with any mix of mutually exclusive versions across demographics and assets.

Adscook also allows you to create a custom rule-checking schedule and integrates with Google Analytics to give your statistics, even more, insight and credibility. It consolidates data from all of your accounts into a single, user-friendly dashboard, allowing you to see cross-campaign performance and personalize reports to your most important KPIs. You can even build and visualize your own business funnel straight from the dashboard, making it simple to uncover flaws and identify development potential.

Source: Adscook

Automating your ad campaigns frees up your schedule in the same way that updating your social media status does. Create clever campaigns that boost sales using Adscook.

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