Automate your WordPress process and work on content together with this WP plugin
4 min readNov 10, 2022

Since you’re usually too busy to even remember to drink water, the water bottle with the motivational writing on it won’t help. Yet you’re expected to keep track of who posts what and when on your WordPress website?

Fortunately, there is a tool to help you manage your schedule.

If you want to have a software that lets all of your WordPress post planning, writing, and publishing be done in one place, stick around and read until the end of this article.

Source: WP Scheduled Posts

Introducing WP Scheduled Posts, an excellent editorial calendar tool.

The WP Scheduled Posts plugin aids in streamlining your content strategy and maximizing productivity for your WordPress website.

WP Scheduled Posts makes it simple to manage your content strategy and your content team because it serves as your one-stop shop for organizing, writing, and scheduling blog posts on your WordPress website.

With the help of the tool’s widget, you can easily manage your scheduled and pending posts while getting a complete view of your material in the editorial calendar. You can definitely use this WordPress scheduling tool to manage all of your authors from a single location.

Source: WP Scheduled Posts

Instead of using spreadsheets, you can organize your postings with a simple month-by-month review of your material.

The simple drag-and-drop functionality makes it simple to create, edit, and move postings. You missed adding a picture to a post? Easy. A blog post needs to be moved to another day. Done!

It’s difficult enough to keep track of what and when you’re posting. However, you can add a co-author or content team, and watch things spiral out of control. WP Scheduled Posts enables you to handle numerous authors in one location whether you’re working alone or with others on the same piece of content.

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Source: WP Scheduled Posts

By indicating the time and date you want the article to go online, you may plan your content and schedule hundreds of posts in advance.

Then, just set it and let it go. WP Scheduled Posts will publish it on your behalf automatically! Yes, you can disable the reminders to “Post Blog #274.” Plus, It has simple Facebook and Twitter integration.

WP Scheduled Posts will therefore automatically share the post on social media as soon as it goes live. There is no need for additional tools or third-party websites to perform the automatic sharing on Twitter or Facebook.

Source: WP Scheduled Posts

It’s time to stop spending hours working on spreadsheets and creating countless iPhone reminders. You can now go on the trip you’ve been wanting to take. Leave the laptop at home as well. Try WP Scheduled Posts with a great lifetime deal, starting at only $39! Try it now!

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