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One of the best ways to market and brand a small business is through visual content marketing. It can be used to promote your business in different ways, like through social media posts, blog posts, and infographics. It’s a terrific way to get your message out, but it also helps you connect with your customers on a more personal level.

If you own a small business, you understand how difficult it is to get recognized in the digital age. It’s challenging to compete for attention with big brands and significant merchants.

So, where can you find a visually appealing platform to help your small business stand out from the crowd, acquire new clients, and enhance its bottom line?

Keep reading to find it.

Source: Duply

Use Duply to automatically create visuals.

You can create images and videos automatically, design only once, and effortlessly generate your visuals! You can create marketing content, advertisements, emails, social media posts, and other repeating design images faster.

It takes a long time and is laborious to produce images and videos for marketing and content, especially when the design is repetitive.

For a business, marketing and design communication usually means asking the designer to make a small change, which doesn’t work. You can handle photos and videos more quickly and smartly if you only have to make the template once and then have it make copies of itself.

You can also generate images and videos via forms, APIs, URLs, or third-party integration. Additionally, several photos can be created at once with it.

Source: Duply

There are pieces that you can insert into the container for your design on the left side. There are text, picture, and video components.

A settings and elements tab can be found on the right side. On the Options tab, you can see the settings for the selected element, such as its location, background, border, etc. The Elements tab will list each element in the template’s design according to its placement.

There are options to undo, redo, and zoom in/out on the bottom side. Also, by clicking the dark plus rectangle here, you can also add alternatives.

Source: Duply

You can try choosing the “Create new template” button on the dashboard home page to start a new template, after which you can select the template’s initial size. By selecting “Edit” next to the template you want to change on the dashboard, you can edit it.

You can also include a selectable element on the left side of the page, you can change your template. Choose the element and either click it or drag it into the container in the page’s middle.

You can also resize, rotate, or change anything else in the container after adding the element.

When updating your template, you can alter the text in the top center to change the template title. You can select the + plus button with a square border at the bottom of the page, and you can add a variation if you like.

So, start creating unforgettable visuals to boost your content with this great tool. Try Duply today with an excellent lifetime deal at only $79!

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