Create the Best Business plan with the Mash-up Method.
3 min readAug 3, 2022

Nowadays, AI can make business intelligence more user-centric, intuitive, and proactive. Additionally, traditional business intelligence solutions can alleviate the non-technical user weariness generated.

If you are interested in having a tool that can help you create flawless business plans, keep reading to discover what it is about and get a special price for you and your business.

Meet Vizologi, a business tool that allows you to search, analyze, and visualize business models to get the best results possible.

Source: Vizologi

Vizologi is a business intelligence platform powered by artificial intelligence that allows companies to search, analyze, and display the world’s collective business model intelligence to solve strategic questions. It combines the ease of use of a business model canvas with the flexibility of a mash-up method.

You’ll be able to use AI to come up with original company ideas, assess the market, and keep an eye on your competition. You can also use the magnificent business model canvas database to design and amend a unique company plan, which you can export in ppt or pdf format.

Source: Vizologi

Vizologi is outstanding in three key areas:

Brainstorming ideas allows you to expand your imagination to new heights. This site provides you with the most advanced artificial intelligence algorithm available on the Internet to help you generate excellent ideas from the start, each with its distinct name.

Using premium data and analytics, you can acquire all the answers, make better-informed decisions while lowering risks, research your target market, investigate the competitors, and uncover the most excellent secrets and methods.

Besides, using the power of the mash-up innovation process, you’ll be able to create a helpful and clear business plan, mix data from your favorite companies, and create outstanding export presentations with Business Planning.

In other words, Vizologi can help you reduce the time it takes to complete complicated tasks such as market and competitor research from hours to seconds.

In addition, you’ll get access to the world’s most comprehensive database of creative business models and startups.

Finally, decrease risk by selecting the optimal business model and costs before embarking on a venture that makes no sense based on market data.

Using the most advanced AI technologies, get inspired and develop new ideas. Take a look at Vizologi right now.

This software comes with a fantastic lifetime deal for just $69. Try Vizologi today!

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