Easily Build Beautiful User Documentation with DewStack

When you start a company, the first thing you think of is what is user documentation? It’s like the hundredth thing you think of, so it’s no surprise that creating good documentation takes a back seat.

What if you can have a tool that enables you to create any form of documentation, brand it with your logo, and host it on your own website without having to write any code?

If you want to have a software that lets you create self-serve documentation for your domain without any technical knowledge, stick around and read until the end of this article.

Source: DewStack

Introducing DewStack.

DewStack is a DIY platform where you can easily build and host your user documentation on your own domain with no technical knowledge.

Getting started is super easy thanks to DewStacks’ importing integrations. You can import existing files from markdown html word, your website notion, Google Docs, or start from scratch, and you can do it as many times as you want. There are no limits to how much documentation you can host on DewStack, which is going to save a huge amount of time.

Source: DewStack

Once you’ve got your documentation started, check out DewStack’s powerful editor.

The DewStack editor enables you to embed shareable content from 30+ platforms like airtable, type from code, sandbox, github, gist, and figma. You can embed images, gifs, emoticons, and videos.

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Source: DewStack

You can also include beautiful callouts with all sorts of colors and fonts and even create data tables if you need to. With DewStacks, you can integrate with chat tools like Intercom, Crisp, and TalkTo. Every single section theme and landing page is completely customizable, so you can preview everything and disable and enable sections as you need.

If you want to make a product dock, a knowledge base, some technical documentation, a help center, a FAQ page, or a user manual, DewStack is going to help your users serve themselves.

Source: DewStack

You can either use your own domain or a free subdomain to host your documentation, and either way you’ll get a free SSL certificate. Dewstack enables you to build a shareable URL for private links or a custom URL slug for links with public access. For your documentation, you can also look at page views and user feedback to see which topics are getting the most attention.

Build excellent documentation for your users and customers with this great tool. You can get this great platform with a lifetime deal starting at $69. Try it today!

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