Expand your customer reach with multi storefronts using BigCommerce

Most e-commerce websites are made to work as a single store that meets all of the customers’ needs. However, this simple method limits the ability to provide a customized experience for various consumer groups or locations.

What if you can have a tool that can alter the pricing, navigation, look, and feel of various shopping experiences to support several brands or business objectives?

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Introducing BigCommerce’s Multi-Storefront!

BigCommerce just introduced its Multi-Storefront technology, which enables e-commerce vendors to manage many regional, market-segment, or brand-specific websites with just one login.

With BigCommerce Multi-Storefront, retailers can alter the appearance, feel, price, and navigation of several shopping experiences to serve several brands or business objectives.

Online retailers can use different, customer-facing storefronts for several brands or markets by maintaining a single store and product catalog with MSF. This works particularly effectively for companies with many brands operating under one roof, like a retail chain with locations abroad or a firm with various divisions.

MSF technology gives BigCommerce merchants access to numerous significant additional features, including an admin panel where you can create and control innumerable shops.

With BigCommerce Multi-Storefront, you can connect each storefront’s domain names, SSL certificates, web pages, and widgets and customize them using templates. You can also manage several locations, brands, or product groups.

You can also add more sales channels, such as POS (point-of-sale) systems in-person, eBay, and Amazon, to the mix.

Source: BigCommerce

BigCommerce Multi-Storefront provides you with multiple languages and currencies. You can also organize customer segments (such as retail and wholesale) and control who can log in to which groups.

Plus, you can view and manage orders and customers for various stores in just one location.

International brands that wish to reach new consumers or provide customer service in several nations and languages can find interest in multi-Storefront technology. For instance, Apple provides users from all around the world with regionally specific versions of its website.

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BigCommerce will display a checklist with all the requirements when establishing a new storefront. You will be allowed to request storefront “seats” and make new storefront channels after verifying or modifying each criterion.

You can scale more wisely as you expand with more storefronts. Then, without additional effort, you can create unique retail experiences for every new brand or market.

Your company can increase revenue with fewer hassles by reducing the systems and integrations it uses by cutting back on ongoing maintenance. With a single system to oversee all of your stores, you can eliminate duplication of effort. You can do everything once, in one place, whether adding new products or changing prices.

You can also gain insightful knowledge from a single data source that will enable you to monitor your company holistically or to focus on a single shop to assess performance.

You can manage all of these tasks from the same BigCommerce dashboard, whether it’s optimizing processes for managing numerous brands or personalizing for entirely different consumer segments.

You can customize the pages, social links, widgets, scripts, and themes. You can also configure or alter the default currency.

BigCommerce allows you to manage newsletter subscriptions and add personalization to transactional emails. In addition, you can use price lists and client groups to create bespoke pricing.

Plus, you can create particular product filtering choices, use personalized templates, and affix a unique domain and an SSL certificate.

Source: BigCommerce

BigCommerce Multi-Storefront is a revolutionary new technology that enables retailers with many brands or goods to increase their customer base. Merchants can easily manage every aspect of their business from a single dashboard, providing exceptional customer experiences that foster brand loyalty.

BigCommerce allows you to expand sales in new geographic areas, streamline operations for multiple brands, or customize offerings for various customer segments.

So what are you waiting for? Explore Multi-Storefront and other features that help you create the vision for your brand. Try BigCommerce today!

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