How to use a complete service package for your business with BigCommerce

Businesses constantly look for a definite pack of tools and services that can help them boost their productivity, revenue, and a considerable decrease in costs.

Few companies on the market can deliver that desirable objective, leading business owners to acquire multiple services and producing a delay in completing their goals.

Meet BigCommerce, a top eCommerce platform that lets small and medium-sized businesses set up online stores, SEO, get hosting marketing and provide security services for growing industries worldwide.

BigCommerce is proud to be a global leader in providing solutions for businesses of any size. So, no matter the industry your company is in, you will be able to build unique online stores, innovate and grow.

BigCommerce is a lot more than just a software platform. This solution is backed by a team of eCommerce experts dedicated to helping businesses like yours achieve maximum success as they go from one stage of growth to the next by providing resources to assist you, such as strategic advice and assistance.

BigCommerce Enterprise Services divide into two major branches; Launch and Success services. With this platform, you will have the necessary support in Architecting Solutions, Data Migration, Project Management Implementation, Technical accounts, and Customer Success Management.

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Solutions Architecting

The Solutions Architecting Services from BigCommerce includes a dedicated team member to help you design a strategy for integrating your systems into the platform.

Your eCommerce store will be developer-ready with the expertise of a Solutions Architect. You’ll have someone working with you to analyze, appraise, create, and document your store’s business and technological requirements.

Besides, the platform’s vast resources will be combined with your needs to map the best technologies for your high-performance, scalable eCommerce store development.

Data Migration

Using the Data Migration Services team’s knowledge and experience, you will migrate your most essential data successfully.

The BigCommerce team will do all possible to keep your data safe from the beginning to the end. Its mission is to make sure you have a smooth transition to BigCommerce so that you can accomplish the following goals:

Product and Client Information, Organizational Structure, Purchase History, Product Ratings and Reviews, and Payment Tokens.

All of this is meant to give you the safest, fastest, and most efficient approach to migrating and launching your store on the platform.

Create amazing online businesses using BigCommerce today!

Source: BigCommerce

Implementation Project Management

The job of the launch manager is to help you choose the right BigCommerce partner, to deliver the goods on time and under budget.

You can work with an expert that understands your business, and the platform can help you launch your store with confidence and not compromise. BigCommerce customers, on average, launch within four months of signing up with the platform.

Besides, the launch manager will construct a unique launch plan based on your business needs, covering all launch dependencies, such as catalog transfer timelines, design dependencies, solution engineering, integrations, and much more.

Enterprise Launch Package

With the guidance of an Enterprise Launch Coach, you’ll be able to get your store up and running in no time at all.

The Launch Coach will guide you through creating and optimizing a BigCommerce store.

Every Coach is an expert in several digital marketing disciplines, such as Search engine optimization, Search engine marketing, and Conversion rate optimization. The Enterprise Launch Package comes with a series of 20 live webinar coaching sessions where your team will learn how to set up the BigCommerce platform for things like Paid Advertising, Mobile Site Speed Optimization, Social Media Integration, and Multi-Channel Marketing.

Success Manager

With the support of industry experts and specialized training, you can equip your employees to succeed in eCommerce.

The Customer Success Manager will work directly with your team to understand your goals and suggest ideas to help you achieve long-term success.

Moreover, as an internal advocate familiar with all aspects of your organization, your Success Manager will operate as an extension of your team, sharing best practices, new features, and integrations.

In addition to quarterly Success Plans, this Manager will provide tips for improving underperforming goods, SEO recommendations, and opportunities for growth in other channels.

Technical Account Management

Working with BigCommerce’s technical advisors saves time and frustration when dealing with challenging technological issues. With a Technical Account Manager’s help, you’ll create an integration and app strategy that works for you. Your BigCommerce account manager will also be your internal advocate, monitoring your store’s technological health and answering Support requests.

Plus, your Manager will keep you informed about any problem fixes, feature requests, or pertinent new features.

With BigCommerce’s constant advice and recommendations, you’ll improve your platform efficiency and remain on top of new trends and opportunities.

BigCommerce University

With the BigCommerce University, you can access cutting-edge education that can improve your business.

The platform’s specialized training reduces your time-to-value. In addition, it improves operational efficiency, helping you maximize your BigCommerce platform potential.

The training falls into two categories:

First, the Setup and Management Training. This course covers store setup, product production, and order management in detail.

Then there’s developer certification.

With the complete SaaS platform certification training, you will learn BigCommerce’s design and API settings. For example, you’ll learn how to personalize a shop, distribute products, track inventory, and build third-party applications.

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