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3 min readJun 29, 2022

Public speaking training is essential since you may be required to speak publicly in your professional or social life. For this reason, you must perform the task correctly and efficiently. If you are unsure of your abilities in this area, it is a good idea to enroll in speaking training lessons.

But, what if there was a digital solution that could provide such preparation, giving you all the tools and saving you precious time?

Meet Orai, a fantastic training software for your presentations that provides immediate feedback on areas where you can improve. With artificial intelligence-generated mini-lessons and feedback, the Orai app is aimed at helping users sound more confident and become strong public presenters.

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You can practice speaking into the microphone while receiving immediate feedback. Orai also comes with an iOS and Android app that you can use on the move.

This software allows you to read from a script, write your own, or improvise. Your presentations, self-introductions, and job interviews all benefit from Orai’s methods. You’ll gain skills, confidence, and conciseness as you unlock additional lessons.

You can also listen to the audio and get an AI-driven response, so you’re never alone. In addition, you’ll get quantitative and qualitative voice clarity evaluations after each activity.

Orai is an AI-powered tool that allows you to practice your presentations while also receiving immediate feedback on areas you may improve. In three easy steps, you can start tracking your progress:

Source: Orai

First, you can get feedback while practicing for an upcoming presentation or spend 5 minutes a day on fun lessons like pace, filler words, energy, facial expression, conciseness, pausing, and confidence.

Second, you can keep track of your team’s training progress, provide individual feedback, and follow leaderboards.

Orai collaborated with speech coaches to develop courses that focus on essential skills. Orai creates a customized curriculum for each user depending on their communication goals and needs.

Finally, as you utilize Orai, you can keep track of your development over time. Discover specific areas for development and suggestions for how to improve.

In a nutshell, Orai is an app that is driven by artificial intelligence and is jam-packed with simple exercises and lessons that will definitely help you improve your public speaking abilities and convey your views with self-assurance.

This software comes with a fantastic lifetime deal for just $59. Try Orai today!

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