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Your business must have engaging surveys that allow you to obtain valuable customer information, increase productivity and save time. In order to make wise business decisions, data is gold.

Meet SurveySparrow, an online tool that allows users to create, distribute, and analyze customer interactions; delivering a great customer experience and increasing survey completion rates by 40%.

Whatever your requirements are; SurveySparrow has all the tools and alternatives you need.

The platform helps you implement an ever-improving end-to-end experience management system. As a result, you can delight your audience by using simpler workflows and automation.

Using powerful segmentation, contact management tools, or CSV files, you can easily view visitor participation and optimize your audience’s experience and access your favorite HR or CRM software from one place.

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Enterprise Survey Software

Using the straightforward interface of the enterprise software, you can quickly design surveys with SurveySparrow. In addition, you can use NPS to obtain input regularly by employing chat-like surveys or conversational formats, so you can collect data without using the internet.

Furthermore, you will be able to use CSS customization to best meet your needs and tweak and personalize them from the inside out with contact parameters and custom variables.

You can use skip logic to direct the survey flow to a specific section depending on the circumstances you specify. Nevertheless, you can display a question based on your specific rules.

You can ensure that your surveys are distributed through all possible media, such as web links, emails, or SMS. Additionally, your respondents can access surveys by scanning a QR code, or using multi-device compatible, mobile-first forms.

Plus, you can set up separate reminder emails for partial and non-responders.

Once the information is collected, you can filter responses based on questions, custom parameters, responder information, share type, and more. With a sophisticated reporting module, you can extract meaningful insights from your survey data. Reports can be exported as PDF or SSPC.

Get SurveySparrow to create highly effective surveys.

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NPS Survey Platform

The NPS Survey Platform from SurveySparrow is meant to help you understand customer feelings, find loyalty insights, and grow your business.

With a continuous feedback loop, you can grow your business by having feedback silos set up at all touchpoints, tracking and improving your Net Promoter Score, and gaining customer loyalty.

This isn’t all. You can also get more information by arranging your Net Promoter Score by custom fields like your location, the date you submitted your feedback, and more. This lets you quickly group your customers and use different follow-up methods.

With the NPS survey platform, you will also be able to set up a cyclic feedback system and automate the process, saving you time and effort.

You can also use the Throttling feature of SurveySparrow’s NPS platform to ensure no one is polled until a certain amount of time has passed.

It’s easy to see where customers have problems when using NPS software to check and understand their journey and experience with your company. You can map the customer journey and quickly find pain points from their interactions.

Source: SurveySparrow

Offline Survey Tool

You can be independent of an internet connection using SurveySparrow.

This excellent feature is easy to set up, following four simple steps.

First, create a SurveySparrow account.

Second, create an offline survey.

Third, enter the AppStore or Play Store to install the offline app.

And finally, enable your Kiosk mode in your app.

The offline survey tool makes it easy to get feedback on the go. Everything will be synchronized with your database whenever you return and connect to Wi-Fi.

Create excellent surveys using SurveySparrow today.

Source: SurveySparrow

Feedback Software

When you look at three-sixty employee review reports, you can use filters to see how each employee and the company is doing.

You can incorporate your company’s logo, design style, and branding into the employee evaluation reports and feedback emails that you send out. Also, add new sections, control them by swiping the score between different evaluations, and share it with three-sixty feedback software.

To be more productive, you can help your employees become more aware of their own needs. Everyone who works for the company gets a private complete review that tells them their strengths and weaknesses and any hidden strengths or blind spots.

You can use three sixty-degree performance assessment data to ensure fair and effective performance appraisal systems. Besides, omnidirectional feedback can help you figure out what your employees are good at and bad at, which will help your team do better.

By looking at an employee’s evaluation and the tasks they haven’t done yet, administration or management can also keep track of how much work they have to do now.

The survey asks about leadership and communication skills, the ability to work in a team, stay organized, creativity, interpersonal skills, and how well you fit in with the company.

To get all of your employees’ information at once, you can use CSV or LDAP integration to do it.

Source: SurveySparrow

Chatbots for your Website

You don’t have to rely on third-party message platforms like Facebook Messenger and WeChat to build a chatbot for your website. On the contrary, customer service can be improved by using a chatbot installed on your website and collecting visitors’ information.

Besides, Chatbots can be designed to be beautiful and engaging, eliciting responses that help you take action. To make it seem more human, you need to add an avatar or a picture.

You can also customize the height and width of the embed and place it anywhere on your website without redirecting your visitors to a third-party website.

Survey API

Marketers and product managers can benefit from the Survey API because it makes it simple to collect data that can be used to improve the direction of your company.

Plus, Automated surveys can be set up to collect feedback from your customers and incorporate the results into your product or website.

Additionally, you can place feedback gathering units at all of your customers’ most critical touchpoints, such as sales inquiries, support tickets, and client onboarding.

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