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Even though many owners of small businesses understand that search engine optimization is an essential marketing strategy, the vast majority do not have the expertise or the capacity to carry out all the tasks necessary to optimize their websites for search engines.

In the same vein, most small firms are hampered by limited funding for their digital marketing efforts. Therefore, it is essential to have SEO tools to enhance an internet business while simultaneously optimizing outcomes in the quickest amount of time possible.

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Meet Screpy, a web analysis tool that compiles valuable data from each page of your website into a single dashboard for easy monitoring by you and your team.

Screpy helps website owners significantly reduce their stress. You can manage your work on a single, uncomplicated platform, saving you time.

Additionally, since various analytic tools have been combined into a single interface, you won’t have to waste time hopping between several online programs.

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Screpy will keep an eye on your website and notify you of any areas that need improvement. Then, you will automatically receive recommendations for how to approach site improvements. This platform also has a unique web assistant that uses AI and is ready to use straight out of the box. This feature will guide you through each step of the procedure and give you in-depth details about the importance and effects of each decision.

Additionally, the auto-generated task feature will alert you to issues such as broken links and pages that cannot be crawled, among other possible problems. The most crucial point will be at the top of the list it generates for you, letting you know where the issues are.

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Screpy can help alleviate some of your SEO worries by handling the task on your behalf. Whether you are a lone proprietor of a website or work for a digital agency, you can profit from the AI-based SEO monitoring tool. The Screpy SEO feature analyzes your website in-depth and gives you a simple-to-follow to-do list that doesn’t take a thesaurus to comprehend.

The SEO will also give you a score once you have completed all of the SERP’s tasks. You won’t have to guess how these adjustments will impact how highly search engines rank your website.

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Source: Screpy

Furthermore, Screpy looks at the keyword rankings and gives you related keywords that you may use to further your objectives. When you perform a keyword search, the top 100 results are displayed. With the Google Trends integration, the new keyword tracker can provide details on regional interests for cities, metro areas, and subregions.

To make thorough analyses, you will receive health reports from your website that include detailed information about every speed issue. With this in mind, a single Google Lighthouse-integrated contact widget shows several user-friendly features on a single interface.

You will get tailored responses depending on your website and individual web pages. As a result, you will know exactly where to look if just one or two pages make you read more slowly. Your speed findings are also made public in seconds, allowing you to start fixing any performance problems as soon as you become aware.

Screpy also includes uptime monitoring, which can alert you in real-time and let you take action if there is a service disturbance.

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