Keep email data secured get this incredible software.

Nowadays, using the internet can be dangerous, especially if you share sensitive information. Email is widely used to connect with customers and other businesses, and some standard email services can only provide a minimal level of safety. What if you could deliver important emails without fear by utilizing a solution that ensures the highest level of security and data ownership?

This article will share with you an amazing software that provides complete security, allowing you to send critical emails without fear!

Source: Telios

A decentralized, encrypted email service called Telios provides ownership of all the data while protecting the privacy of important information. With Telios, you can use many devices as you’d like to send an unlimited number of end-to-end encrypted emails across a peer-to-peer network.

To protect the privacy of the contents and destinations of your emails, secure all of your data, including the metadata. Tool allows you to control your email inbox so it won’t have to trawl through spam to find what’s important. Also, setting up email aliases will help you stay organized by preventing spam from entering your primary mailbox.

Source: Telios

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You can utilize the mobile app to manage your various aliases and inboxes and catch up on emails while on the road. Due to Telios’ absence of attachment size restrictions, the platform also permits you to exchange larger files.

Your hard drive’s available space is the sole size restriction. You will be able to store all of your data locally and make backups that are encrypted and accessible only with your personal secret keys.

Source: Telios

Sending sensitive information, such as customer details, bank login data, and medical records is made secure using Telios. With this tool, you can store data on your devices and transmit end-to-end encrypted emails using Telios’ decentralized peer-to-peer network.

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