Master collaborative audio projects with this excellent software.

Instead of back-and-forth emails regarding reverb, your audio project dreams include topping the charts and becoming big TikTok audio. Switching between your inbox, drives, and music players, on the other hand, puts your team’s creative process (and dreams) on hold.

Fortunately, there’s a hidden gem that allows you to collaborate on audio projects in real-time, with feedback and notes directly on the file.

Source: NotetracksPro

Meet Notetracks Pro, is an audio collaboration tool that allows you to receive real-time feedback right on the track. Your group can now create in the key of amazing, whether you’re a podcaster, musician, or video creator.

Notetracks Pro is a secure, collaborative platform for sharing, reviewing, taking notes, and providing comments on audio recordings. Drag and drop your music or video files (MP3, WAV, M4A, MP4, MOV) from your desktop into the browser, or upload via Dropbox or Google Drive to get started.

Change the color of symbols and move things around with the freehand draw tool to make your notes more artistic. Before releasing your tunes into the wild, use Notetracks Pro to collaborate and gain feedback or approval.

Enter the email addresses of your collaborators and set view or edit rights to share your project. Real-time comments and notes will show (like Google Docs, but for music). This software allows numerous collaborators to access or edit the project by sharing it with them. Your songs can have several layers or versions because Notetracks Pro makes working with these complicated tracks and varied versions a pleasure.

There’s also a function for working with moving images. Notetracks Pro allows you to sync audio tracks to video without having to launch a separate video player. To see how they function together, simply drop the video into the project and add audio. You may also use the audio timeline to remark on and interact with video files, as well as take notes on the video itself.

Source: NotetracksPro

Messy email chains, lost file attachments, and confusing out-of-sync messages should not be part of the process of creating amazing audio as a team.

Music creators, producers, and contributors can use Notetracks Pro to communicate easily and work with precision. This amazing deal is only $59 and you can already have lifetime access! Save $150!

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