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4 min readJan 23, 2023

What if you can have a tool that allows you to tell customers about your brand using your own website and methods?

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Introducing BigCommerce B2B eCommerce!

Traditional B2B purchasing experiences fall well below what contemporary B2B purchasers demand. With customer and pricing segmentation down to the SKU level, BigCommerce equips your team to create slick site designs for extensive catalogs.

With better B2B e-commerce experiences, it can be made possible by an automated customer and pricing categorization, punch out, purchase requisition and net payment terms, user roles, and interfaces with critical ERP, OMS, and CRM systems.

You can become a mainstay in your industry thanks to outstanding B2B business customer service. To overcome your most difficult eCommerce obstacles, you can rely on B2B eCommerce’s established technical and strategic account management skills.

You can use pre-built, one-click interfaces or modify your automation with our APIs; BigCommerce can integrate with any current business tools and technologies you use.

BigCommerce has B2B-friendly shipping technology. By using direct integration with ShipperHQ, the top shipping rate rules engine, you can lower expenses by creating bespoke shipping rates for your B2B customers.

You can also automate 3rd-party data syncing. You may sync data with any third-party product in your ecosystem because 90% of the BigCommerce platform’s data is open to APIs, and 400+ API calls are made per second.

You can utilize customer experience tools to outperform rivals. For example, you can launch pre-built, one-click tools with user permissions, re-ordering, and instant quotation generating for the most excellent B2B customer experience.

Source: BigCommerce

B2B purchasers now anticipate similar eCommerce experiences to those of consumers. The B2B eCommerce platform from BigCommerce gives you access to solid capabilities that let you quickly meet and surpass your customers’ expectations.

B2B provides you with advanced punchout and search. You can use the elastic search-based faceted search with support for custom fields for more precise searching. We collaborate with Nextopia and PunchOut2Go, among other punchout solutions.

You can also manage quotes and bulk pricing. For each client or customer group, native CSR-produced quotation management and bulk pricing are broken down to the SKU level with no caps.

Besides, you can provide approved clients with purchase orders, various flexible payment options, and credit approvals.

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With the help of best-in-class uptime, top-notch DDoS security protection, and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, layers of enterprise-grade security secure your company from unauthorized access or harmful attacks.

BigCommerce Enterprise offers one of the sector’s highest uptimes (greater than 99.99%). To provide even more assurance and confidence, this platform now provides an optional SLA.

B2B e-commerce solutions have a robust and multi-layered security strategy. Because of this, sitewide HTTPS compliance and options for accessible and cutting-edge SSLs are readily available out of the box.

Source: BigCommerce

You can use top-notch applications and integrations from our B2B software tech partners to maximize the functionality of your B2B e-commerce website. You need digital innovation to fulfill modern customer expectations in a quick-paced, fiercely competitive B2C eCommerce market. BigCommerce delivers all with a single solution.

Legacy firms are turning to BigCommerce to regain control over their merchandising and product marketing as the competition from digitally native upstart brands heats up.

You can directly own the customer relationship by providing tailored customer experiences and fostering long-term loyalty inside one platform. In addition, BigCommerce’s robust B2C eCommerce features may help you increase your addressable market.

So what are you waiting for? Experience future-proof technology that is adaptable and designed to function with your current tools. Try BigCommerce today!

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