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6 min readMay 26, 2022

As your organization starts growing, you need to control an increasing list of responsibilities: CRM, legal eSigning, Accounting, Inventory, Task and Document Management, campaigns, Stock Management, Sales, and many others.

Your business must have unified software to manage all these tasks instead of purchasing multiple platforms to be ahead of your activities.

This is a constant problem most companies face. But, with the software we are about to show you, this problem ends today.

Meet Averox, a robust business management software solution that aims to change the way organizations and individuals run their businesses successfully.

Averox innovates businesses using technologies to provide critical software solutions, helping clients scale and optimize their operations and have a more extensive reach.

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Starting from Averox Business Management, the platform has a comprehensive dashboard integrated with many applications to run your company smoothly.

Next, Advanced SEO tools will save you money in ineffective marketing and advertising. In addition, you will be able to analyze the competition and identify the latest trends.

With Averox Social Media Management tools, you can successfully build your audience and expose your brand.

Plus, you can find customers anywhere, effortlessly increasing the effectiveness of your lead generation and prospecting strategies.

As your company grows, Averox eCommerce tools will be the ideal solution when entering an expanding marketplace.

To cover it all up, the platform’s CRM Sales feature will help you scale your operations, empowering your sales and marketing team for better results.

In fact, Averox CRM software is great for any company. It can help you improve your business performance and give a more professional look to your customers.

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Averox makes SEO strategies simple so your campaigns can have a significant impact. The platform’s SEO tools help marketers, agencies, or startups do more marketing without paying for the advertisement to get the desired traffic.

The Competitors Watch feature monitors the traffic to your competitors’ websites and all sources of traffic. So you can instantly acquire complete statistics on any competitive domain.

Also, the Website Audit and Performance tool can scan all pages of a website and report on-page issues that may negatively affect rankings. Each page’s SEO data will be returned as quickly as possible, giving a website domain to get the most details.

Third, the Rank Tracker checks keyword rankings in search engines. You don’t need to create projects or keywords. Instead, enter a keyword, and the software will return the position in the search engine you specified.

Furthermore, the SERP is designed to return the top search engine results for a specific query by simply pulling a keyword and location. To determine for which keywords a website is ranked, you can use the Keyword Finder tool to find related, comparable, or suggested keywords. The Keyword Data tool, on the other hand, provides data from Google AdWord Planner on search volume, CPC, and competition. So all you need is a keyword and a location.

Next, you can find the prospective link-building targets to place your links on by extracting all the backlinks of any website of your choice. And, using the E-Commerce Data Fetcher, you’ll be able to launch your Google Shopping and Amazon campaigns with detailed product data from Google Shopping and Amazon.

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Transform your business operations using Averox today!


Averox eCommerce tools let you create your online brand and reach a worldwide audience.

E-commerce brings companies new options in numerous marketplaces, but it also involves navigating many payment methods. Averox is flexible; receiving payments is never an issue with 7+ payment channels and cash on delivery.

Plus, all payment gateways support both sandbox and production modes. This makes receiving payments convenient and straightforward for vendors, regardless of the payment method used by customers.

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Averox can replace an entire sales crew, assisting you in generating leads and running successful marketing campaigns while incurring no advertising costs, cold emails, or phone calls.

This is how you can make the most of Averox tools for lead creation and prospecting.

  • To begin, you can locate businesses in your niche, acquire new consumers, and call all leads using Averox AI voice system.
  • Second, you can use Facebook Business Pages to examine page details, filter them, and download the findings in various formats for further analysis.
  • Third, you can use Facebook Lead Ads to receive lead notifications and contact your leads.
  • Fourth, you can buy a phone number and use it to relay incoming calls or leave automated audio messages for your customers.
  • Finally, using the AI text to speech technology, you can record voice messages for prepared campaigns, program them for the future, and make outgoing calls.


Averox CRM software addresses your company’s evolving needs, from marketing and lead nurturing through customer care, sales, relationships management, e-commerce, and accounting.

Account and Contact Management: You can automate your dashboard’s accounting like access invoicing, purchasing, and bookkeeping activities. This makes wiser business decisions as straightforward as possible for you. In addition, accounts can be added and updated at any time.

Plus, the contact management tool allows you to manage all of your contacts from a single interface. For example, you can categorize your contacts as suppliers, partners, or convert them to leads to fine-tune your business’s operations.

Activity and Channel Management: Using the Averox app, you can schedule tasks and activities, automate activity tracking, and visualize activity status.

Additionally, Averox records your goods and services from the point of sale to the point of consumption. As a result, you can sell your products or services through more than one sales channel; selling through many channels boosts your visibility to all clients, increasing your sales opportunities.

User Interaction and Management: With targeted tools to engage customers; you can expect to maximize sales. You can also connect to your email accounts and manage them. From a single dashboard, you can receive and send emails.

As the owner and purchaser of CRM Sales, you can set up user accounts for your organization or use the feature as a single user to get the most out of it. To manage rights for each user, you can create user groups and user types. While creating a new user account, you can save all your social information. Furthermore, you can change or delete user accounts at any time.

Contracts: You can make new contracts based on your clients’ needs. It is effortless to add contracts; you can define dates and picture all corporate contracts. You can generate PDF contracts and email them to your customers. There are contract late reminders available.

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