Professional HTML forms without writing a backend this fantastic tool.
4 min readOct 1, 2022

We all understand how important having a website is in today’s digital age for building your brand’s online presence and interacting with customers. With an online store or market, a fully operational and well-maintained website with a contact form within enables you to create leads, improve sales, and expand your customer base.

If you want to have software that allows you to receive form submissions and send auto-response emails using a form on your website, stick around and read this article until the end.

Source: HeadlessForms

Introducing HeadlessForms. It helps you create and maintain a fully functional form on your website, so you will never lose out on a number of business opportunities and potential consumers.

Without developing a backend, you may receive form submissions and send auto-response emails using a form on your website. Plus, it works perfectly with static websites hosted by Netlify, Vercel, Github Pages, or WordPress. To keep your basic sites simple, HeadlessForms offers form endpoints as a service. Form submission collection has never been so simple.

Source: HeadlessForms

HeadlessForms is the only WordPress form management add-on you’ll ever need. It’s jam-packed with tons of time-saving features and tools. With its sophisticated online form tool, developers can create their forms in minutes rather than hours.

Plus, it offers you such security that you do not need to be concerned about hackers or the loss of your data. It utilizes machine learning to safeguard you against spam and server-side data validation.

Source: HeadlessForms

This software also aids in the development of social media leads, increasing traffic and consumer base. HeadlessForms are simple to use, and you can embed your forms in sidebars, widgets, blog posts, and webpages. For more effective email marketing, you can also design forms for newsletter subscriptions.

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Source: HeadlessForms

Additionally, you can alter your email layouts and notifications to better represent your business. Then, you can allow it to automatically deliver their responses.

The best of it all, whether you want to market, sell products, or drive more visitors to your website. HeadlessForms has the answers to all your demands, whether you need to notify your consumers of something or not. With the use of this tool, you can do your assignment quickly and effectively where it once required a lot of time.

Have a fully functional forms that create leads, improve sales, and expand your customer base! Try HeadlessForms with a lifetime deal at $69!

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