Reach customers from any device using BigCommerce Omnichannel solutions

Do you want to have a tool that lets you build and expand SEM and sponsored social campaigns with top professionals to create new sales channels or educate your internal staff?

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Introducing BigCommerce Omnichannel!

With robust tools to reach more people and increase sales, BigCommerce and Feedonomics have reimagined omnichannel commerce. Across 150+ top marketplaces, social commerce platforms, and advertising channels, create seamless experiences that convert.

The ideal omnichannel selling experience has been developed in collaboration with BigCommerce and Feedonomics, automating and streamlining your product catalog across all platforms. In fact, the typical Feedonomics user adds over two additional channels after signing up and reduces their monthly feed maintenance time by more than 20 hours.

You can increase discoverability with channel-specific feed optimization and syndication. You can also use unified feed and order management to save time. You can improve sales and expand your reach internationally by listing on multiple channels. BigCommerce allows you to get devoted assistance from feed professionals.

Retailers who operate an online store noticed a 58% increase in revenue after integrating a marketplace. You may present your goods on reputable online stores like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, and others. BigCommerce offers a solution for you no matter where you maintain your listings: from BigCommerce using Codisto or your company’s primary operations using Feedonomics.

Source: BigCommerce

One-third of all buyers worldwide made a purchase last year using social media. You can boost brand recognition and sales on the most widely used social media sites, including Meta (Facebook and Instagram), TikTok, and others. Your listings will adequately meet the specifications of each social channel if you use Feedonomics.

Search engines are the starting point of 40% of internet transactions. As a result, you can display your products on the top search engines, including Google, Microsoft Bing, and Yahoo. Additionally, Feedonomics ensures that your listings operate at their best by giving them clear titles, thorough descriptions, and precise categorization.

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With BigCommerce, integrate the most popular advertising, social media, and e-commerce platforms into your workflow to produce seamless experiences that increase sales.

You can deliver a consistent consumer experience on top marketplaces and social commerce channels to stand out. Google, Meta (Facebook and Instagram), TikTok, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Wish, and Mercado Libre are all seamlessly integrated with BigCommerce.

Additionally, you can effortlessly build and manage several brands, segments, or regions from a single BigCommerce dashboard thanks to Multi-Storefront technology.

Source: BigCommerce

Inventory oversells damage brand loyalty and results in significant delivery delays. Luckily, BigCommerce’s robust APIs are the foundation for all omnichannel integrations, which enable stock to be synced from third-party channels to the back end and, if necessary, to your ERP or IT stack.

With BigCommerce, you will stop manually combining data from sales channels to get a complete picture of your business. You can use one of BigCommerce’s point-of-sale partners instead, such as Zettle, Clover, Square, Heartland Retail, and others, to automatically sync orders, inventory, and sales from brick-and-mortar locations to your back-end.

So what are you waiting for? Benefit from the best omnichannel solutions available worldwide! Try BigCommerce today!

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