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As technology advances, researchers have a wide range of possibilities for continuing to uncover the truths underlying various theories.

Are you sick of making mistakes when conducting research? Do you want a productivity-boosting app that will enable you to post your research to websites while being more organized successfully?

Source: Kurator

Introducing Kurator!

Kurator is an app made to aid researchers, bloggers, marketers, and journalists in a more fruitful exchange of ideas globally. Additionally, this software helps in real-time research publication, organization, and sharing.

Curation differs from bookmarking because it enables you to include crucial details like private remarks and practical meta tags like an author, publisher, date, and content tags that let you specify your purpose for saving this particular post.

Because of the metadata, you can locate your stored content faster and reuse it for other projects. This fact comes as an added benefit from Kurator because many websites, including web-based papers and posts from various social media platforms, do not have this kind of metadata kept on their particular pages.

Furthermore, if you want to save and use this information in the future, you can add it to the desired post. Plus, when you want to save a link, the app’s symbol will change, and you can access it by clicking the Kurator icon.

Kurator also offers a feature that makes it simple to share the notes you’ve taken with team members.

Source: Kurator

Teams can also contribute to the same folder and draw from the same study pool via the share function. Everyone’s content is controlled by the person sharing the folder, and they can alter and delete it. On the other side, all contributors have access to and can search for everyone else’s content, but they can only manage and change their content.

Source: Kurator

With Kurator, you can access your research links and eliminate tab clutter. This app gives you instant access to your relevant links and quick filtering. It offers two views, namely the card view and the list view.

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You can filter your postings by selecting your tags in the card view. This function shows the pictures connected to your post. Additionally, you can click the author’s and publisher’s links in your article to quickly view the context of your bookmarks and how they would appear visually on your website, newsletter, or social media channels.

Kurator principally assists you in saving 2–4 hours per week spent looking for the data you require for a particular context. By curating and organizing access to news, information, online files, and the like depending on your tastes and working methods, you can manage that bookmark mess.

Source: Kurator

You can download and install it from the Chrome Web Store and follow all the steps below to register and start being productive. You can install the app from the Chrome Web Store, pin the Kurator to the toolbar, and register and activate your account. Second, pin the bookmark manager tab in your browser. This will move the tab to the left and make it easier to access your links.

Lastly, you can now annotate every link you save! Every piece of metadata contributes to the Kurator’s usefulness. Make it a habit to always include a description to help you remember why you saved the links and the author, publisher, date, and comment tags to help you remember what you saved.

Source: Kurator

Kurator allows you to do it via RSS feeds; all you have to do is follow these steps. First, using the Sync Folders, select the folders you want to publish by right-clicking the Sync folder tree in your “Kurator Manager Bookmark.” Next, get the RSS link by right-clicking on your chosen folder and clicking the “get RSS feed” option. Lastly, you can add RSS to any feed importer and post in any of your favorite apps.

Kurator’s final but most powerful feature is the YouTube gallery, which allows users to view YouTube videos directly on their pages. You can read or add a direct comment on the videos, especially about why you are sharing them on your page. Also, you get to scroll through other users’ comments without having to leave your page and go back after.

So what are you waiting for? Publish and save content with Kurator! Get lifetime access to this amazing deal for only $59!

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