The Ultimate Customer Satisfaction Tool for your Business.

Meeting a client’s wants is critical since it increases the likelihood of that customer returning for additional transactions.

Therefore, monitoring customer happiness by actively engaging with those customers and gathering honest, thorough feedback will help you determine what you can do to turn the issue around.

Meet Rate My Service, a customer satisfaction tool for sales, customer support, and marketing teams.

Source: Rate My Service

Rate My Service was developed to assist companies in inserting surveys into the email signatures of their workers or agents. This is a basic customer satisfaction tool; it collects customer feedback from each email.

The best part about this sophisticated software is that it is pretty simple to set up, which means you can begin collecting customer feedback in minutes rather than hours.

You will have a lot of leeways to customize each survey, allowing you to make it look good with any format or kind of email signature you like. After that, you can effortlessly and rapidly import all of your agents’ or staff members’ feedback using a CSV file, G Suite, or Office 365.

Source: Rate My Service

Plus, Rate My Service can assist you in completing surveys for the convenience of your customers. Whether you use conventional email signatures like with Gmail or HTML ones like with SalesForce, Rate My Service can assist you.

Then, you will be able to get notified by email as soon as your customers send you feedback, store all of your customer feedback for future use, evaluate and measure your results even further in your reporting dashboard.

This software comes with a fantastic lifetime deal for just $29. Try Rate My Service today!

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