This excellent tool will set your customer acquisition on autopilot

Customers can tell their friends and family about their positive experience with your product once they have already used it and found it satisfying.

You can get warm leads more likely to purchase if you urge your customers to spread the word about your company to others. Then, you successfully engage your most vocal supporters by giving these clients incentives for referring their friends to your business. Therefore, you should consider having a referral marketing strategy for your business.

Referral programs are effective because they are an honest and straightforward way to spread the word about a company’s products or services. In contrast to more traditional types of mass marketing, referral marketing programs incentivize your existing clients to recommend your goods and services to their personal and professional networks.

Implementing a referral program is a very effective strategy to market your company for a longer time. The process can be streamlined and increased in size by utilizing a structured referral program rather than waiting for random word of mouth to spread.

Check out the following platform that will help you boost your referral marketing strategy and increase your sales.

Source: Prefinery

Introducing Prefinery,

Prefinery is a customer acquisition platform that promotes viral sharing via referral programs that users can fully personalize to meet their specific needs.

You can acquire complete control of your referral campaign because it will be entirely yours, thanks to the fact that it can be customized, and you can promote yourself and your products or services. In addition, no templates need to be worked around, and all of the copy can be changed, giving you the ability to add text in any language you choose.

The information the Prefinery wizard needs to set up your entire campaign dashboard following your specifications is kept to a bare minimum. You will be provided with a brief checklist that you can consult at any point to gain some direction when the event is over; however, you don’t need to adhere to this checklist in any way — because of this, locating the information that you need will not be difficult.

Source: Prefinery

You can collect more information from your participants in addition to their names and email addresses when using the signup form provided by Prefinery. You can capture any information using input options, such as dropdown menus, radio buttons, checkboxes, and scales. You will also receive a WYSIWYG form builder, enabling you to develop a fully adaptable form to your preferred layout and language. You can upload images, videos, and custom markup in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can decide what happens to the participant once the form has been submitted. For example, you can display a message, send the individual to a page you’ve created yourself, or both.

Source: Prefinery

When it comes to the various forms of incentives, Prefinery is capable of supporting all three. For example, you can automatically set emails to be sent on earned incentives, invite a participant to your beta, offer them points to climb up the waitlist/leaderboard, and even activate the reward based on a custom event.

Source: Prefinery

Although Prefinery does not provide its hosted landing pages, it is compatible with most landing page providers.

Because you can use Prefinery to construct an unlimited number of email automation sets based on triggers, this platform functions more like a drip email service than a traditional email provider. You can keep customers engaged in your campaign by sending them behavior-triggered emails with Prefinery. These emails can be used to promote your campaign.

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This platform makes it more convenient with fully customizable email layouts by using an easy, visual, block-based editor that you can use to create beautiful emails from scratch. Of course, if directly editing the email HTML is your thing, you can do that. However, it is possible for you to do that without editing the HTML directly. Alternatively, you might alter the appearance of one of Prefinery’s pre-built templates.

No other rival has capabilities that are specifically tailored to the process of launching pre-launch or closed beta campaigns. For example, you can invite guests to your event and send them individual invitation codes using Prefinery. In addition, you can select from one of four different waiting algorithms that determine how participants are ordered.

GDPR compliance is also available through Prefinery. Its privacy, security, and cookie policies have all been appropriately published, and its data processing amendment Includes all of the SCCs from the EU (Standard Contractual Clauses). Everything, whether it be data at rest or in transit, is encrypted.

Source: Prefinery

Because Prefinery offers in-depth user insights, you can determine which of your clients are most interested in purchasing your wares due to using this service. In addition, you can search, sort, and filter by more than 55 distinct data points, some of which include the particulars of your browser, operating system, location, and language. Specifically, you can search by browser, operating system, location, and language.

You can also track your custom characteristics to measure metrics most conveniently. This allows you to measure metrics in the way that best suits your needs. You can search for, sort, and filter user information based on 55 distinct data points by using this tool. These data points include the user’s operating system, location, and language.

Indicators such as the number of form submissions, the conversion rate, and the overall number of shares can be used by you to measure how successful your campaign is. Once you have it, you can go further with insights into total referrals, the proportion of signups that originated from referrals, and shares and referrals by platform. Once you have it, you will also have the option to go further with insights into total referrals.

So, what are you waiting for? Grow your customer base using attractive referral programs using Prefinery. Try it today with an excellent Lifetime Deal starting at only $199.

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