Webflow vs. Shopify, which is BETTER?

Shopify is widely known. This may be your first thought when you’re looking for good e-commerce software to build your online store.

Nevertheless, what if we told you there might be one that’s just as good, if not better?

Meet Webflow, a web development tool that allows users to design, build, and publish fully customized websites without writing code.

When you use Shopify, you can quickly build your dream business and begin selling to your clients no matter where they are located.

Despite this, Webflow is a far more affordable alternative to Shopify for designers who want an entirely visual and highly customizable eCommerce platform.

This translates to a more user-friendly tool for your store, with all the features you need to get it up and operate quickly and affordably.

Let’s look at three reasons why Webflow is a terrific Shopify alternative.

Source: Webflow


Webflow allows unlimited creative freedom, whereas Shopify delivers well-designed but constrained templates.

You’ll need to work in the Liquid template to personalize Shopify sites, which is not required to get started with Webflow.

You may need some time to master Webflow’s visual solid development tool. Webflow University, however, is here to help get you started quickly. On the contrary, Shopify is straightforward to use until you require anything custom because of the limits imposed by templates.

You can create your store and publish it on a webflow.io domain by talking about plans and free versions. Then, you just pay when you’re ready to go live and start processing orders instead of a 14-day trial on Shopify.

Start building amazing websites for your store using Webflow today!

Source: Webflow


It’s possible to leverage Webflow’s flexible, visual CMS to make content marketing an entirely personalized feature for your strategies.

Title tags, descriptions, H1 tags, and URLs can all be generated dynamically from the titles of pages and articles. In addition, you will be able to take advantage of automatic sitemap building and ranking enhancements from HTTPS-served, fast-loading code.

When it comes to marketing integrations, Shopify has many alternatives and an app store. But with Webflow, it only takes a few lines of custom code to connect nearly anything to your store.


Webflow gives you complete control over the checkout process for your customers. Every aspect of your checkout experience can be customized without the need to write any code. In addition, you will be able to create compelling cart experiences with robust positioning and animation options.

Shopify has a significant advantage over its competitors regarding store owners. Webflow’s site management dashboard is easy to use, whereas Shopify’s capabilities include a more comprehensive dashboard and shipping options.

It is easy to add and change things directly on the product page with Webflow. You can also invite colleagues to assist you in managing the site.

It’s also possible to pay using a credit card or a PayPal account, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Besides, more than two hundred nations worldwide accept payments on Webflow sites, and you can start a business in one hundred and nineteen of those.

In short, Webflow is the definite solution to building a website with all the necessary features in order to create the perfect online business.

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